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Benin In West Africa this is one of the most attractive places to go. You can stay in the national park exploring the wildlife, see the temple of the Sacred Python, or visit the museums that will tell you the history of Benin with foundings like the throne made of human skull.

Area: 112.694 Km²
Population: 6.591.000 (2001 est.)
Density: 58 pop/Km²

System of government: Presidential Republic
Capital: Porto-Novo (200.000 pop.)
Major cities: Cotonou 500.000 pop. (1.060.000 urban aggl.)
Ethnic majority: Fon 40%, Yoruba 12%, Adja 11%, Somba 5%, others 32%
Border countries: Togo WEST, Burkina Faso NORTH-WEST, Niger NORTH, Nigeria EAST

Principal mountains: Atakora 641 m
Principal rivers: Ouémé 450 Km
Principal lakes: Lac Nokoué
Principal islands: -
Climate: Subtropical

Language: French (official), ethnic dialects
Religion: Indigenous Beliefs 65%, Catholic 17%, Muslim 15%, Protestant 3%
Currency: Communaute Financiere Africaine Franc (XOF)

Fixed public holidays: 1/1, 10/1, 1/5, 1/8, 15/8, 26/10, 1/11, 30/11, 25/12
Dialling code: 00229
GMT: +1

World Heritage List: