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Egypt Egypt migth make you think pyramids, temples, mummies, desert, and Pharaohs, but that would just be a little part of what there is to see. The largest city in africa, Cairo where you won't be bored, experience the Egyptian antiquities and different neighborhoods, and then later the lively nightlife. You can also experience the great Nile River going through the country. Divided by the Suez Canal you will find the little rest of Egypt at the Sinai Peninsula.

Area: 998.002 Km²
Population: 69.537.000 (2001 est.)
Density: 70 pop/Km²

System of government: Presidential Republic
Capital: Cairo (6.500.000 pop., 13.000.000 urban aggl.)
Major cities: Alexandria 3.585.000 pop., Al Jizah 2.200.000 pop., Shubra el-Khema 710.000 pop., Port Said 400.000 pop.
Ethnic majority: Arab 85%, Bedouins, Nubian, Berbers and others 15%
Border countries: Libya WEST, Sudan SOUTH, Israel and Gaza Strip (Palestine) EAST

Principal mountains: Jabal Katrina 2637 m
Principal rivers: Nile 1550 Km (egyptian tract, total 6671 Km)
Principal lakes: Nasser 5500 Km² (artificial)
Principal islands: Jazirat Shadwan
Climate: Mediterranean - arid

Language: Arabic (official), Arab-egyptian dialect, English, French
Religion: Sunni Muslim 90%, Coptic Christian 7%
Currency: Egyptian Pound (EGP)

Fixed public holidays: 25/4, 1/5, 18/6, 23/7, 6/10, 24/10, 23/12
Dialling code: 0020
GMT: +2

World Heritage List: