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Senegal was baptized by a french tourist wich asked to natives what was the name of the river in Dakar. Natives thought they were speaking about theirs canoes and answered "senegal" (meaning "those are our canoes"). A moment later, the french was proudly explaining to his buddies that the name of the river was Senegal and the friendly people of the country, realizing the misunderstanding but not wishing to hurt the pride of the tourist, decided to turn the name of the river and of the land into Senegal and everybody forgot the former appelation. This anecdote shows how kind the inhabitants of this beautiful african west coast country can be and what they are ready to do for a stranger. Hospitality and kindness are indeed national values in Senegal. To be convinced of it, visit the marvellous island of Goree and discover, in a fantastic landscape, how thousands of senegalese young men left their country to give a helpful hand in the south of the US. Go in Joal to pay a tribute to Leopold Senghor, the great french writing poet who became Senegal's first president after the independance in 1960. Don't forget you can reach Senegal by car from France every year during the summer, following the caravan of the Paris-Dakar rally race.


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