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Belize This little spot of a country is lying in Central America bordered by Guatemale and Mexico, but has always been influenced by European settlers. If you are an outdoor person, it will be a perfect place to relax with snorkeling, surfing, sailing or even golfing. The capital city, Belize city though, is mostly used as commercial hub, and is not very visited by tourist. But then there is so many other things to see. Sanctuary areas will impress you, when you sit in a canoe and see the baboons and birds arround you.

Area: 22.965 Km²
Population: 240.000
Density: 10,5 pop/Km²

System of government: Parliamentary Democracy
Capital: Belmopan (8.100 pop.)
Major cities: Belize City 49.000 pop., Orange Walk 13.500 pop., San Ignacio 13.250 pop.
Ethnic majority: Mestizo 43,5%, Creole 30%, Maya 8%, Garinagu 6,5%, others 12%
Border countries: Mexico NORTH, Guatemala WEST and SOUTH

Principal mountains: Victoria Peak 1124 m
Principal rivers: Belize River 290 Km
Principal lakes: -
Principal islands: Ambergris Caye, Turneffe Islands
Climate: Tropical

Language: English (official), Spanish, indigenous creole dialects
Religion: Catholic 62%, Protestant 30%, other 8%
Currency: Belizean Dollar (BZD)

Fixed public holidays: 1/1, 9/3, 1/5, 24/5, 10/9, 21/9, 19/11, 1/12, 25/12, 26/12
Dialling code: 00501
GMT: -6

World Heritage List: