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Canada Beeing the second largest country in the world, you just need to decide where to beging the journey of exploring this special country, due to historical colonies, divided in a french and a British part. what ever you feel like trying it will be possible here, as Canada contain the most impressive areas of nature, there you can go skiing, hiking, rafting, fishing, or choose a city, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, or Quebec - first city of Canada, and you will find history, shopping, nightlife and so on.

Area: 9.984.670 Km²
Population: 31.156.000
Density: 3 pop/Km²

System of government: Federal Republic
Capital: Ottawa (1.107.000 pop.)
Major cities: Toronto 4.881.000 pop., Montreal 3.512.000 pop., Vancouver 2.079.000 pop., Calgary 971.000 pop., Edmonton 957.000 pop., Quebec 693.000 pop., Winnipeg 685.000 pop., Hamilton 681.000 pop.
Ethnic majority: Canadian (also including European origin) 90%, Asian 8%, Indian 2%, Eskimo 0,15%
Border countries: United States SOUTH and WEST (Alaska)

Principal mountains: Mount Logan 5959 m
Principal rivers: Mackenzie (with Peace River) 4241 Km, Saint Laurent-Lawrence 3058 Km, Nelson (with Saskatchewan) 2575 Km, Churchill 1609 Km
Principal lakes: Lake Huron 36.000 Km² (canadian part, total 59.600 Km²), Great Bear Lake 31.328 Km², Lake Superior 28.700 Km² (canadian part, total 82.100 Km²), Great Slave Lake 28.568 Km², Lake Winnipeg 24.387 Km², Lake Erie 12.800 Km² (canadian part, total 25.700 Km²), Lake Ontario 10.000 Km² (canadian part, total 18.960 Km²)
Principal islands: Baffin 507.451 Km², Victoria 217.291 Km², Ellesmere 196.236 Km², Newfoundland Island 108.860 Km², Banks 70.028 Km², Devon 55.247 Km², Axel Heiberg 43.178 Km², Melville 42.149 Km², Southampton 41.214 Km², Prince of Wales 33.339 Km², Vancouver 31.285 Km², Somerset 24.786 Km²
Climate: Continental cold, Subpolar

Language: English, French
Religion: Catholic 46%, Protestant 36%
Currency: Canadian Dollar (CAD)

Fixed public holidays: 1/1, 1/7, 11/11, 25/12, 26/12
Dialling code: 001
GMT: -5

World Heritage List: