Honduras World Fact - Hostel in Iguazu


Honduras You can look forward to the hospitality that will meet you in this small country in central America, with coastline towards the caribbean Sea. It keeps hisorical and archaeological treasures for you to explore. National parks with sanctuaries of wildlife, and beaches with great snorkeling and diving possibilities that will take you to the amazing world of corals and barrier reef. Can it be more tempting?!

Area: 112.520 Km²
Population: 6.406.000 (2001 est.)
Density: 57 pop/Km²

System of government: Presidential Republic
Capital: Tegucigalpa (995.500 pop.)
Major cities: San Pedro Sula 450.000 pop., El Progreso 100.000 pop.
Ethnic majority: Mestizo 90%, Black 5%, Indios 4%, White 1%
Border countries: Guatemala WEST, El Salvador SOUTH-WEST, Nicaragua SOUTH-EAST

Principal mountains: Cerro Las Minas 2865 m
Principal rivers: Rio Patuca 320 Km
Principal lakes: Lago de Yojoa 285 Km²
Principal islands: Roatan
Climate: Tropical

Language: Spanish (official), Indios dialects
Religion: Catholic 95%
Currency: Lempira (HNL)

Fixed public holidays: 1/1, 14/4, 1/5, 15/9, 3/10, 12/10, 21/10, 25/12
Dialling code: 00504
GMT: -6

World Heritage List: