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Panama This very little country combines Columbia and Costa Rica in the southern part of Central America. It is most known for its famous canal, but has infact also one of the finest deep-sea fishing facilities. Panama city stretches from the Panama canal, to the old part of the city with the historical ruins, and is in fact a beautiul city with lots to see, if you are not in the mountains exploring birdlife and what else there is to see.

Area: 75.536 Km²
Population: 2.846.000 (2001 est.)
Density: 38 pop/Km²

System of government: Constitutional Republic
Capital: Panamá (967.000 pop.)
Major cities: Colón 140.000 pop., David 100.000 pop.
Ethnic majority: Mestizo 60%, Black and mulatto 20%, White 10%, Amerindian 8%, Asian 2%
Border countries: Costa Rica WEST, Colombia SOUTH-EAST

Principal mountains: Volcán Barú 3478 m
Principal rivers: Rio Bayano 170 Km, Rio Chucunague 130 Km
Principal lakes: Lago de Bayano
Principal islands: Isla de Coiba, Isla del Rey
Climate: Equatorial

Language: Spanish (official), English
Religion: Catholic 93%, Protestant 6%
Currency: Balboa (PAB)

Fixed public holidays: 1/1, 9/1, 1/5, 16/6, 3/11, 4/11, 10/11, 28/11, 8/12, 25/12, 31/12
Dialling code: 00507
GMT: -5

World Heritage List: