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Saint Vincent

St Vincent & The Grenadines This two jewels of the Caribbean are one of the greatest diving spots in the planet.St. Vincent has been blessed with lush mountains, volcanic-rich soil and unspoiled landscapes of brilliant flora and beautiful crystal clear waters. Add to this the idyllic islands and deserted cays of the Grenadines, and the entire country emerges as a prime eco-playground.

Area: 389 Km²
Population: 116.000 (2001 est.)
Density: 298 pop/Km²

System of government: Constitutional Monarchy
Capital: Kingstown (15.900 pop.)
Major cities: -
Ethnic majority: Black 74%, Mulatto 19%, Indian 4%, White 2%, Amerindian 1%
Border countries: -

Principal mountains: Soufrière 1234 m
Principal rivers: Colonarie
Principal lakes: Crater Lake
Principal islands: Saint Vincent 345 Km², Bequia 18 Km², Union 8 Km², Canouan 7 Km², Mustique 5 Km²
Climate: Tropical

Language: English (official), Creole-English, French Patois
Religion: Protestant 70%, Catholic 20%
Currency: East Caribbean Dollar (XCD)

Fixed public holidays: 1/1, 14/3, 27/10, 25/12, 26/12
Dialling code: 001-784
GMT: -4

World Heritage List: -