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Albania. It is undeniable, Albania doesn't enjoy the best reputation as a tourist destination but reality is different nowadays. Most travellers remain deterred from visiting this country by stories of poverty and crime. But those adventurous ones who decide to explore this formerly isolated land will encounter a warm and hospitable country, with lots of history and a long future still to arrive. Albania will surprise you for many reasons; one of the best is its generous and helpful people who will assist you if you need them. Sandy and pebbly beaches on the Adriatic and Ionian coasts, along with misty mountains throughout the country will leave you speechless. Give this enchanting country the opportunity to show you what almost no other foreigner has seen and enjoy the charisma of this selfless people who will make for a life-long experience.

Area: 28.748 Km²
Population: 3.129.000 (June 2002)
Density: 109 ab/Km²

System of government: Parliamentary Republic
Capital: Tirana (343.000 pop.)
Major cities: Durres 99.500 pop., Elbasan 87.800 pop., Shkodër 82.500 pop., Vlorë 77.700 pop.
Ethnic majority: Albanian 98%, Greeks 1,8%, Macedonian 0,1%, others 0,1%
Border countries: Greece SOUTH, Serbia and Montenegro NORTH, Macedonia EAST

Principal mountains: Korab 2751 m, Jezercë 2694 m
Principal rivers: Drin 285 Km (albanian tract, total 335 Km), Seman-Devoll 281 Km, Vjosa 272 Km (albanian tract)
Principal lakes: Shkoder Lake 150 Km² (albanian part, total 368 Km²), Ocrida Lake 120 Km² (albanian part, total 363 Km²)
Principal islands: Ishull i Sazanit 6 Km²
Climate: Mediterranean - continental

Language: Albanian (Tosk - official and Gheg), Greek
Religion: Muslim, Orthodox, Catholic
Currency: Lek (ALL)

Fixed public holidays: 1/1, 1/5, 28/11, 25/12
Dialling code: 00355
GMT: +1

World Heritage List: